The Suites at Mount Malarayat, a Hotel in Lipa City

8:11 PM, Friday, Oct 20th 2017
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You can use passenger jeepneys to go to different parts of the province, but you can use tricycles for short trips. Tricycles could take you to the exact place that you want to go because jeepneys have routes like buses do. However, tricycles are small and cramped, and could only comfortably accommodate three passengers (2 if the passenger is over six feet tall).

Current starting fare for jeepneys is Php 8.00 (eight pesos) for each passenger for the first kilometer traveled. Senior citizens, students, and differently abled passengers enjoy a discount: for each, it is Php 7.00 (seven pesos); for tricycles, the minimum is Php 20, regardless of how many will ride.

The fare schedule (in English) is typically posted inside the jeepney for travelers to refer on, although you may ask the driver or other passengers themselves if you are not sure how much you should pay. The locals, like in most other spots in the Philippines, can understand and converse well in English.

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The Suites at Mount Malarayat Barangay Dagatan Talisay Sapac & Munting Pulo, Lipa City, Philippines Telephone: +63 (43) 404-3000 +63 (43) 404-3300 Manila line +63 2 543 6410 Mobile phone +63 920 983 5414